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Ayush Wellness

Welcome to my Blog, enjoy your stay!
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How to control Weight

By Keelin Orla at 2010-09-06 01:50:02
Fill up on vegetables. Vegetables are packed with fiber and nutrients and yet they give you very few calories. When you eat vegetables with your meal or as a snack they help keep your blood sugar from swinging up and down and this helps you control cravings.

This is something that is increasingly with us and it's all too easy to reach for food to make yourself feel better. Stress or new situations can throw the most dedicated dieter, but it doesn't have to mean doom. The main trick is to buil
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Calcium for Weight Loss

By Keelin Orla at 2010-09-04 00:57:05
A high-fiber and high-calcium diet is useful for weight loss. Normally a 25-gram dietary fiber is recommended by doctors to be consumed on a daily basis. Fiber found in fruits and vegetables is not digested, instead it helps in digestion and absorption of nutrients found in food and also makes the excretion process easier.

A Canadian study examined the relationship between obesity and calcium intake through a fifteen week weight loss program. Prior to the study, the participants consumed belo
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Guide To Balding Men's Hairstyles

By Keelin Orla at 2010-09-04 00:52:23
The worst balding men's hairstyle is the comb over. This is the classic look beloved of men of a certain age whereby the hair is grown longer on one side of the head and 'combed over' the bald area to the other side.

Younger men with dilution material strength be tempted to ingest gel but this isn't recommended. Gel clumps your material unitedly and reveals the scalp.Likewise, ontogeny your material daylong in an endeavor to counterbalance up actually causes material to removed and exhibit mo
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Mesotherapy Side Effects

By Keelin Orla at 2010-09-03 01:36:56
Mesotherapy and its wide array of uses are rapidly gaining popularity all through out the United States. Body sculpting methods with mesotherapy treatments are more invasive compared to the methods offered by liposuction. Elimination of cellulite is also more effective with treatments.

Other Side Effects at the injection site can include scarring, pigmentation, or ulcer formation. Sometimes, patients may feel a small lump under the injection site, which reduces or disappears after a few weeks
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Lemonade Diet

By Keelin Orla at 2010-08-30 01:14:58
When Stanley Burroughs, an alternative medicine specialist, invented the Lemonade Diet (Master Cleanse Diet) over 60 years ago, he never thought that his regimen will stand the test of time and be so successful for so long. This simple, yet so effective, diet plan includes only 3 basic ingredients, which when combined together offer tremendous health benefits.

It's important to note that the lemonade diet is not intended as a weight loss diet. Rather, it is intended to clean the system. Howev
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